Dedicated Non Gluten Grain Milling Process

Maralong Milling has two separate milling operations within the same factory.  One mill is specifically designed to mill full fat enzyme active Soy Flour and Kibbled Soy with the flexibility to kibble various grains and legumes.

Our other milling operation is dedicated to non-gluten grains including Mung Beans, Chickpeas, Faba Beans, Sorghum, Maize and other Pulses.

These grains are not only gluten free but are NON GMO as well.  Australia is very fortunate that a majority of its crops remain GMO Free.

The innovative equipment in this Non Gluten Grains milling process includes abrasion debranners, dry screw extruders, roller mills, hammer mills, micro mills and pin mills. A broad range of specialized non gluten flour and heat treated non gluten flour products, known in the food industry as “Functional Foods” are produced and to be used in the baking and small goods sectors as binders, extenders, protein enhancers. These “Functional Foods” improves the functionality of the products they are incorporated into.

Maralong Milling has been milling soy flours for over 20 years and are proud to have the depth of expertise in milling in our company.

Maralong Milling’s grain storage facilities and milling process has HACCP, Quarantine approval and Allergen Management Programme which are controlled by our qualified and well trained staff.

Grains, Seeds, Pulses, Blending and Premixing

With the ability of Maralong Milling to kibble grains and legumes and with the ever increasing awareness of the health benefits of grains, legumes and seeds by the domestic consumers in their diets, a dry blending facility to mix various quantities of just grains, legumes and seeds for food processors has become a significant aspect of the business.

Maralong Milling blends and premixes grains, seeds and pulses that meet the requirement of Wholegrain as defined in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

The private bakery owners aware of the health benefits are requesting their own specific blends of multi grain premixes to give their mixed grain breads and bakery a point of difference to meet their customer’s demands in this very competitive bread market. Due to the high costs of individual grains, legumes and seeds it is cost effective for the bakery to purchase a complete premix to control the wastage and have a quality loaf every bake.

Bulk Grain Storage & Grading Facility

Maralong Milling is an approved export establishment with the Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment for quarantine purposes with our own Authorised Officers (AOs) on site.  Maralong operates under SQF and Allergen Management Programs which are controlled by our qualified and well trained staff.

Maralong Milling can provide DCT (Delivered Container Terminal), handling all transport logistics, quarantine requirements, fumigation (if required) and document services for efficient movement of product from farm gate to the shipping terminal.

Maralong Milling understands the highly competitive market where the quality standards are increasingly high and it has been necessary to centre its entire grading facilities on modern state-of-the-art equipment, ample segregating storage silos and with an Allergen Management Program facilitated by experienced staff.