About Maralong Milling

From its inception in 2000 by two grain traders specialising in soybeans, Maralong Milling has continued to grow and diversify.  Originally the company was designed to produce soy flour and now the company has a suite of flour, kibble, grain mix products along.

Maralong has been able to do this with the strength in both marketing and technical expertise that we have been fortunate to have in the business over this time and the opportunities the owners have taken when presented.

Since 2000, Maralong has expanded into two larger sites and it now sits at our state of the art factory in Wilsonton.  After the move from the Westbrook site, Maralong Milling now concentrates on the productions of flour, kibble and grain mix products.  

Maralong Milling works very closely with the Australian growers of grains and legumes, manufacturers and consumers to identify and communicate the health and nutritional benefits of its products.